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To Mac, and the rest of us.

The last few days I’ve listened to Mac Miller’s final album ‘Swimming’ something like 20 times. When I’m not listening to it, I’m still feeling it. The sounds layered under the most mundane of tasks to the darkest corners my mind can go on the last train home. Mac Miller was an addict. The word itself […]

& the Heartbreakers

Yesterday I woke up still pretty bummed out that one of my favorite artists, Ryan Adams, had cancelled his show minutes before it was to start. I was sitting outside the venue as I had been since around 4:45 and someone replied to my tweet (about being excited for the show) that he had cancelled. […]

Before I sink // Ear down to the ground

Over the last 28 years I have seen hundreds of bands. Music has always been a dear friend to me and from a young age the majority of my spending money has been spent on paying my respects in person.  I’ve gone to shows with friends, with my sisters, with my boyfriends, with my cousins, […]

Get What.

I think the Stones had it all figured out in July of 1969. I tend to chronicle my life into songs, “Can’t Always Get What You Want” having been around for more years than it hasn’t. I found myself reaching for the tune as if it was on a medicinal shelf. When you wake up […]

Slow Train Coming

Gonna have to Serve Somebody: The feel and sound of the record is instantly different than the other Dylan albums. The lyrics are highly metaphorical and the bluesy feel is appealing. The second chorus is the first time the woman singing background vocals are heard, providing a sharp contrast to Dylan’s voice. His voice sounds […]

Oh Mercy

We live in a Political World: The song that starts the album off is catchy and fast paced. The song is lyrically strong, but not in the same way that Masters of War is. The pop feel to the background music and the change in Dylan’s voice creates a more low key affect that the […]

There is something about Bob Dylan

Yesterday is gone but the past lives on. The essence of what exactly makes a Dylan song so different from the others is one that cannot be neatly explained. The off-key instrumental note, reckless recording, and scratchy voice that wails out from the speakers is often imitated, but never duplicated. How Bob manages to create […]