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Feet on the ground. Head in the sky

I like turbulence. When you’re a passenger on a plane your fate is decided. There’s nothing you can do to change the outcome of the flight. It’s one of the few times in life when that’s the case. I guess I’ve always thought of flying as a break from worrying. For some, flying has the […]

Get a Hobby.

A woman’s right to choose does not begin with the conception of another life, it begins with her own. It is her right to decide whether or not she is the mental/financial/physical state required to bring another human being into this world after sharing her body with said child for a brief 9 months going […]

An Ode to Oregon and the people in it ♡

At points, the hardest thing you have to do is open the blinds. Coming to in the morning, reaching the state where reality sets in and the churning in your stomach begins another 12 hour shift. Sometimes its caused by lack of sleep, the lack of someone sleeping next to you, or the absence of […]

Good News for People who love Bad News

You think about yourself too much. Your tipping point. The point in which shit goes your way or it doesn’t. Pick yourself up or allow yourself to fall one final time back down. No one wants to talk about this point. No one wants to remember how they were straddling the edge of that point […]

Beginner’s Mind

When you’re a little kid, all you want to do is be taken care of. Lunches packed, stroller rides, bandaids. As you grow older, you want to be free, yet the teenage idea of independence is something you want until the bill comes. Funny enough, when you reach a certain age you want to pay your […]