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Yesterday came suddenly.

Yesterday came suddenly.  These same men who boast about grabbing our bodies. Who stare at them under fluorescent lights. That wasn’t enough for these men. They needed more ways to strip us. Unravel us further. They could take what they wanted already but now they needed to take what is ours. Our bodies behind closed […]

Post Breakup Ex

This is not a love story. In fact, there weren’t even 500 days of it. Welcome to my take on a bad breakup (yes, there are multiple kinds and mine was the worst, ok?) [kidding. kind of.] THE END. Phase one is no joke. Despite the fact that I lured you in here with one, when […]

The Fault in Ourselves

The Fault in Ourselves. We are always looking up at the stars. Staring out into the infinite abyss for answers to things that follow us on earth. We’re always wishing. As we grow older, our hearts fill with constant forms of hope or dread, alternating between being sure of what we have and the fear […]

Get a Hobby.

A woman’s right to choose does not begin with the conception of another life, it begins with her own. It is her right to decide whether or not she is the mental/financial/physical state required to bring another human being into this world after sharing her body with said child for a brief 9 months going […]

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

“No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow” Alice Walker It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. In kindergarten that phrase meant having to choose between snacks that were almost always equally appealing. In middle school it meant beginning to figure out who […]

An Ode to Oregon and the people in it ♡

At points, the hardest thing you have to do is open the blinds. Coming to in the morning, reaching the state where reality sets in and the churning in your stomach begins another 12 hour shift. Sometimes its caused by lack of sleep, the lack of someone sleeping next to you, or the absence of […]

Drippin Pitch and Made of Wood

“Abigail doesn’t do anything in halves” I remember being very young at a parent teacher conference and hearing those words. I was a passionate one, doing most things whole heartedly or not at all. At the time, not at all included eating vegetables and letting my Mom brush my hair. She eventually got me to […]