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Turn and face the strange.

I spoke to my mother earlier and she wanted to make sure I was alright as the photo I posted yesterday was one where I ‘looked sad’. I am sad. I want to say this because 1. Talking about it helps and 2. Depression can sometimes be triggered by a series of unfortunate events that […]

& the Heartbreakers

Yesterday I woke up still pretty bummed out that one of my favorite artists, Ryan Adams, had cancelled his show minutes before it was to start. I was sitting outside the venue as I had been since around 4:45 and someone replied to my tweet (about being excited for the show) that he had cancelled. […]

Before I sink // Ear down to the ground

Over the last 28 years I have seen hundreds of bands. Music has always been a dear friend to me and from a young age the majority of my spending money has been spent on paying my respects in person.  I’ve gone to shows with friends, with my sisters, with my boyfriends, with my cousins, […]


Abigail, While I have never been a 13 year old girl (in this lifetime) either, what you’re alluding to here is still too precious for prime time. As I wander/wonder around in my 60th lap around the Sun, I see the creative piercings and tattoos and sacrificial efforts to ground humanity again, to recover awareness […]

But I am not the only one.

When something like what occurred today happens, it is not easy to reflect. Where do you start? Three people who woke up this morning won’t have the privilege of doing so tomorrow.  One of those people was 8 years old. In your head you start to try and imagine what it would feel like if […]

Twitter: since 2007

Recently I have received a few emails asking me how I built my Twitter presence & following. Now I am by no means even close to 1,000 followers, BUT  I am gaining a handful of followers a day, with 95% being followers relevant to what I am tweeting about. There is a reason for this, […]