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Me Too.

-Trigger Warning- To give some context to the “me too” movement, it is more often than not a daily issue. When I get dressed in the morning I consider where I’ll be driving (neighborhoods). Walking (streets). Standing (concert, line, park, store, gym). Sitting (public transportation, movie theatre, event). I think of the time of day. […]

Feet on the ground. Head in the sky

I like turbulence. When you’re a passenger on a plane your fate is decided. There’s nothing you can do to change the outcome of the flight. It’s one of the few times in life when that’s the case. I guess I’ve always thought of flying as a break from worrying. For some, flying has the […]


Good morning friends. I wanted to share Gabriela Salerno-Adams post not only because I’ve looked up to her since high school and her devotion and spirit to all things lifting the human heart (which I’m sure guided her husband and their family through so much of his journey) but also because I know there isn’t […]

One Small Step for Man. One Giant Leap for Mankind.

In my Lyft carpool today the other passenger said he was from Canada and moved here with his wife two years ago. Our driver said he first moved here in 1967 after a stint at the Monterey Naval Academy. He said that was the year the Supreme Court ruled in Loving v.Virginia in which laws […]

“We’re all alone. Born alone. Die alone. Thats what makes your self respect so Important.”

There are different kinds of loneliness. The kind you feel when you’re in love. The kind when all you want is for the bus to come so you can crawl into bed with them. The kind that that is fleeting, comforting. The kind that expires at the end of the day. There is the kind […]

Post Breakup Ex

This is not a love story. In fact, there weren’t even 500 days of it. Welcome to my take on a bad breakup (yes, there are multiple kinds and mine was the worst, ok?) [kidding. kind of.] THE END. Phase one is no joke. Despite the fact that I lured you in here with one, when […]

At the Bottom of Everything.

The first part is a love story. It doesn’t have a happy ending. There weren’t even 500 days of it. I have a rule. I don’t drink when I am sad. The other night when my phone buzzed at 9pm I saw the message pop up ‘Feeling sleepy, smooshie? Goodnight soon?” The person on the […]