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They Shall Not Grow Old

Old photographs have always turned a page in my head. I can remember as a child staring at the colorless faces atop my Grandmother’s dresser. Asking who they were. Marvelling at their faces being forever frozen in time. As I grew older I remember looking at some of the faces in my history book with […]

Who truly stuck the knife in first?

Took myself to see ‘Amy’ last night and holy hell I am glad I did. We all ‘saw’ what happened to her, but the film reminds us that her name was Amy Jade Winehouse and she was a beyond talented, but tormented person who died at 27 years old. Amy was no saint, and the […]

Born in the US A.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding ‘American Sniper’ and whether or not Chris Kyle is a hero or a murderer. That is not what I took from his story. What I took away was the most accurate portrayal of PTSD I have seen in a film. I thought about his blood pressure when he […]

The Fault in Ourselves

The Fault in Ourselves. We are always looking up at the stars. Staring out into the infinite abyss for answers to things that follow us on earth. We’re always wishing. As we grow older, our hearts fill with constant forms of hope or dread, alternating between being sure of what we have and the fear […]

Moonrise Kingdom

What is it about some films that make you feel as if the price of the ticket was far below the value of what you’re taking away? In today’s economy it is becoming tougher and tougher to find a film that accomplishes this difficult task, but after walking out of the theater to downtown Portland, […]