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Out of the Darkness – American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

This will be most personal thing I’ve ever wrote. Appropriate seeing that aged 31 is the most me I’ve ever felt.


The Wolf.

I enter the maze every day around this time Brake lights illuminating then disappearing Same bend in the curve But today something feels different The pace is slower They’re stopping to see you You. The white mass at the edge of the divide Your coat is matted and wet with the afternoon’s rain Likely the […]

They Shall Not Grow Old

Old photographs have always turned a page in my head. I can remember as a child staring at the colorless faces atop my Grandmother’s dresser. Asking who they were. Marvelling at their faces being forever frozen in time. As I grew older I remember looking at some of the faces in my history book with […]

An Open Letter to Caroline Calloway

Unfortunately I am one of the 1,000 or so people who were duped into your now infamous ‘workshop’. I was so excited to purchase my $167 ticket that I made my little sister sit and wait in the car with me before we went in to buy holiday decorations just to be sure I could […]

Sobriety and the unveiling of, well, everything.

When you’re sober, you’re yourself all the time. With the exception of a deep sleep where my subconscious takes over, I am thinking, feeling, and living every second of my life. That is not to say that those who partake in drinking or drugging aren’t themselves, but (for lack of a better word) I am […]

To Mac, and the rest of us.

The last few days I’ve listened to Mac Miller’s final album ‘Swimming’ something like 20 times. When I’m not listening to it, I’m still feeling it. The sounds layered under the most mundane of tasks to the darkest corners my mind can go on the last train home. Mac Miller was an addict. The word itself […]

Turn and face the strange.

I spoke to my mother earlier and she wanted to make sure I was alright as the photo I posted yesterday was one where I ‘looked sad’. I am sad. I want to say this because 1. Talking about it helps and 2. Depression can sometimes be triggered by a series of unfortunate events that […]