Me Too.

-Trigger Warning-

To give some context to the “me too” movement, it is more often than not a daily issue.

When I get dressed in the morning I consider where I’ll be driving (neighborhoods). Walking (streets). Standing (concert, line, park, store, gym). Sitting (public transportation, movie theatre, event). I think of the time of day. I think of my route in regards to whether or not someone has already harassed me on that street before. Whether or not there was a quick escape route if I did run into trouble. I do the math for when I’ll be walking from the parking lot to my car. Whether or not I need a jacket even though it’s 85 degrees because there is something written on my shirt that could call attention. I think about what I’m having to carry (groceries, gym bag, purse) and the best way I can hide it and quickly gain access to my keys/phone. I think about the color of my lips and whether or not I should wait to apply color until I’m inside the building since men often comment. Push the things they’ve said out of my mind. I have to get to work. Decide which piece of clothing my psyche can stand to defend today and get dressed.

Even when I do I all of that (yes, every morning I leave my home) there are days when my disguise doesn’t work. There are days when men follow me. Days when they yell things at me. Days when they whisper things to me. Days when they yell AT me. Days when they insult me. Days when they even touch me.

It is a daily battle for many women to even walk outside outside without interruption. The kind that can stay with them a moment if they’re “lucky” or a lifetime if they aren’t. Constant deflection of words so cruel they cause tears even when they’re said by a complete stranger. The feeling of having to look over your shoulder and brace yourself when you hear footsteps behind your own.

Most women reading this know what I mean. “Me too”. When you see these words please think of how often they’re appearing. How they’re not just words. We need to come together as PEOPLE who refuse to stay silent when we witness such acts of harassment and sexism no matter how socially accepted they may seem. No one deserves to feel this way. Thank you for listening. 

“If all the trans women, cis women, trans men, and nonbinary people who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too.’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”


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