Yesterday came suddenly.


Yesterday came suddenly. 

These same men who boast about grabbing our bodies. Who stare at them under fluorescent lights. That wasn’t enough for these men. They needed more ways to strip us. Unravel us further. They could take what they wanted already but now they needed to take what is ours. Our bodies behind closed doors. Our bodies we have lived with and some have already died with at the hands of disease, lack of a sexual education, teenage pregnancy, and unsafe abortions. These women have already died, whatever inside of them with them. If you are someone who believes a child’s life begins at conception then I beg of you to realize that under these new laws the children who were born before their pregnancies will die too. You care so much about the heart that has not yet beat but what about the one that is breaking in real time? A woman’s right to choose does not begin with the conception of another life, it begins with her own. These men, our country’s LEADER, our blood is is on their hands. Their self serving hypocrisy. Worshiping themselves. Only concerned with how a woman’s body can serve them. The only time a woman should be stripped is when she makes her own damn decision to take her clothes off. These men, this MAN, anyone who tells a WOMAN that she doesn’t deserve to decide the rest of her life. That we are no longer going to provide help for her when we would have yesterday. 

I believe in yesterday. 


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