Dishonorable Discharge


If every team would rather take a possible shit season than condoning DUIs, violence, domestic violence, and child endangerment I would feel a lot better about wearing a jersey. Good on the 49ers for learning from their past blind eyes and releasing Aldon Smith after his FOURTH ARREST. I hope that the other 31 teams pass on this grown man who has failed to learn from his past mistakes. The quote below is an excerpt from the September cover story on Aldon in San Francisco Magazine. They have since made a statement they may pull the issue.

Our problem is we keep putting violent criminals on the cover of magazines because of how well they can throw, hit, or dunk a ball. Of course all of this doesn’t lie on just Aldon Smith’s less than humble shoulders, but the dozens of other athletes who are paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and still paid millions of dollars after they’ve proven time and time again they have have no understanding of consequences. Why would they? An article appeared in USA Today this week entitled ‘Ray Rice deserves a second chance in NFL’. This is the man who beat his pregnant girlfriend in an elevator. Unlike the stories some claim to be ’embellished’ or ‘made up’, we saw video evidence of Rice beating a woman (a woman he ‘loves’) …yet there are still nation wide papers calling for his return to the NFL less than a year later. My point is this: what you do off the field should matter 1 gazallion times as much as what you do on the field once you break the law. If we keep wearing the numbers on out backs of the men who are not stabbing us in our backs, but BLATANTLY out in the open, then we are not only digging our own graves but the graves of the victims these men have and will leave behind. Enough is a – fuckin nough.


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