Born in the US A.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding ‘American Sniper’ and whether or not Chris Kyle is a hero or a murderer. That is not what I took from his story. What I took away was the most accurate portrayal of PTSD I have seen in a film. I thought about his blood pressure when he sat in the hospital room with his pregnant wife and how the nurse compared it to as if he had 16 cups of coffee. How fucked up he found it that people were over here driving to the mall. How no one would look him in the eye once he admitted his profession. How the War had become an afterthought on the news if mentioned at all, a quick number muttered at the end of a long broadcast about oil prices. It is not about whether or not you agree with the job the military gave him. It is about the fact that THOUSANDS of Veterans (including the man who killed him) are refused any kind of counselling when they return home from a war zone. They have hardly anything or anybody to relate to and a hell of a lot to think about once they arrive back here in good old US of A. In an age where college football just signed a BILLION dollar deal with the networks, shouldn’t we spend more time talking to and about our Veterans? Helping them and providing resources so that they too may enjoy a leisurely Sunday watching football?

Reggie is not Chris Kyle and there will be no movie starring handsome Bradley Cooper. Reggie is is also is a Military Veteran. One of thousands who never quite landed on their feet once their plane touched down at home. I was moved by his perspective and his words and would like to think that had Chris Kyle still been around he would have found solace in them too.

“Enjoy your life. Try to make something of yourself. Be somebody. The world… this world isn’t precious to anybody forever. So try to enjoy your life right now. Because you never know when your day is going to come. But enjoy your life. Enjoy your friends. If you have a friend that you didn’t like: talk to them. Talk about that. Shake their hand and say you are sorry. And if they say they’re sorry, then you have healed one person. We’re all here together. It doesn’t matter who the President is. We still have to go to work. So lets be together. Lets be free.”

See Reggie’s story HERE


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