Thank you, Robin.

We lost something yesterday. Robin Williams wasn’t just in movies he was in one of your favorite movies. Our parents knew him as an alien, older siblings as Peter, we knew him as the genie. I remember watching ‘Jack’ under the counter at Petroglyph and begging my Mom to take me to Wherehouse to rent the VHS so I could know how it ended. There was something else there, an ability to conjure up a part of us that was maybe forgotten or hadn’t been there before.

It’s being reported that Robin Williams took his own life. He is not the first person to do this and he won’t be the last. Most aren’t printed in the paper. Suicide has long been characterized as selfish. Robin Williams spent 63 years (from what’s been said) thinking of others. One day, he had battled enough. In my own life suicide has touched many people who loved and still love the ones they lost. Especially now in the age of comparing virtually every single aspect of our lives with our peers, updating our profiles,our career track, how many miles we ran with our ~fuelband… We don’t broadcast when were sad. When we feel alone. “_____is sitting at home feeling depressed an staring at the door because they’re too drained to even think about talking to another human being”.

All of the unity were showing as we remember a legendary man should help remind us that were all capable of saying nice things to each other. Don’t wait. I remember the feeling of sitting under that table at the pottery shop and feeling like the world outside suddenly felt very big. I still think that. Robin helped us all with his laughter and knack for acknowledging that we are all just still kids with bigger legs. Bigger hearts. I want to find what I’ll leave behind when I’m gone. What helps. Not sure if any of this even makes sense, but I wanted to say something to those who’ve come, gone, and those who are still here.Screen shot 2014-08-12 at 8.48.35 PM


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