Get a Hobby.

A woman’s right to choose does not begin with the conception of another life, it begins with her own.
It is her right to decide whether or not she is the mental/financial/physical state required to bring another human being into this world after sharing her body with said child for a brief 9 months going on 18 years.
Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided that Hobby Lobby has the ability to express its religious freedom by denying coverage of birth control pills for female employees due to religious objections. Still covered: viagra and vasectomies. Why stop at stripping women of their rights after the fact? Why not eliminate the one option that could help ensure that they do not in fact bare children at a time in their life where they are ready.
The public shame surrounding contraceptives is nothing new. Add ‘female’ into the equation and it is even more stigmatized. By no means am I saying that men don’t face slack as well, but if a female so much as mentions carrying a condom there is a chance she will be called a ‘slut’ (even if the man in question has one in his pocket).
Condoms haven’t been outlawed (yet) but with this new decision the millions of women in this world who rely on birth control have had one more step added to the ladder of controlling HER OWN BODY.
Women have always had to jump through literal and figurative hoops to obtain oral contraceptives. When you are a 16 year old kid in rural Kansas from a family with strong Christian values you have to get on a bus to the nearest Planned Parenthood and hope that no one sees you. When you are a 16 year old kid in Los Gatos California afraid to share any information about anything much less your sex life with your family you get on a shorter bus ride to Planned Parenthood and endure the exam required to obtain a few months supply of birth control. If you are an incredibly lucky 16 year old kid you are told that there is absolutely nothing wrong with birth control and you are made aware that a bc prescription will never be met with punishment.
Since we were very young most women have had to deal with one of these scenarios in order to protect herself. The decision made to take that element of of a decision away from a financial standpoint is insulting. If we don’t make the decision, who will? If we can’t afford it, what are our options for obtaining it?
The long and short of it comes down to the fact that even before this step backwards women remain afraid and widely misinformed about birth control in general. Allowing employers to deny even one woman the same rights still offered to men should cause an uproar from men AND women and will no doubt lead to more accidental pregnancies.
As human beings, we have no obligation to bring life into this world. There is so much beauty in life, and as a child of adoption I have the utmost respect for people who are so selfless that they are able to give that to another even if they cannot take on the journey themselves. But I am not one of those people at the moment. My obligations center around my own well-being and figuring out the balancing act that is growing up before I could even begin to consider adding one more. If that makes me an asshole in the eyes of Hobby Lobby then to them, I am an asshole.
They believe I don’t know the value of a human life when I take the act of brining another heartbeat into this world much more seriously than a lack of a condom. One pulse or two, it is my call.


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