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The Fault in Ourselves

The Fault in Ourselves. We are always looking up at the stars. Staring out into the infinite abyss for answers to things that follow us on earth. We’re always wishing. As we grow older, our hearts fill with constant forms of hope or dread, alternating between being sure of what we have and the fear […]

California deems Death Penalty ‘Unconstitutional’

Yesterday a Federal Judge deemed the death penalty ‘unconstitutional’. While many will see this as a victory for preserving the the sacred holiness that is human life, I want to remind you that some of those people deserve to die. In an age where one can commit first degree murder and serve (decades) less than […]

Get a Hobby.

A woman’s right to choose does not begin with the conception of another life, it begins with her own. It is her right to decide whether or not she is the mental/financial/physical state required to bring another human being into this world after sharing her body with said child for a brief 9 months going […]