The Crooked Kind

There is a kind between you and I

A crooked kind of soul

Although their hearts are pumping blood

They never really know

The mechanism in their head

An hourglass rather a clock

With each day their time more scarce

Soon begin to hear a knock

The crooked kind, unlike you and I

Know things we’ll never see

And despite what they would tell you

Are so much more beautiful than we

Before you shake your head

I ask you to remember this

There are those in this world who carry it all

Even what you and I miss

Far from a straight line, the crooked kind

Fall in-between the cracks

And soon enough they go away

Swift as the swing of an axe

And although it feels they’ve left us here

To gaze up at the stars

Take comfort in knowing now

Some day we’ll travel just as far

But for those who fall in-between

Earth nor stars seem like enough

Although our hearts ache for them

Who are we to call their bluff?

The truth is we can never know

The difference between you and me

But if you call a spade a spade

We’re not that different you see

So remember those we no longer have

Those quick and crooked kind

Perhaps they love the most of all

And can finally join us in the light


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