While I have never been a 13 year old girl (in this lifetime) either, what you’re alluding to here is still too precious for prime time. As I wander/wonder around in my 60th lap around the Sun, I see the creative piercings and tattoos and sacrificial efforts to ground humanity again, to recover awareness about the dignity of being from birth to death. My wife and I are revelling in the way gravity is pulling us back to the Earth with memories when we too were magazine and idiot box images. Ah, the joy and the sorrow are truly beautiful.

You are pointing to, poking at, unapologetically declaring that what you are is not what we’re seeing but some spectacular creative energy in this parenthesis in your forever.

You are one beautiful multidimensional being of eternal Light. Thank you for saying so.
Herby Bell 


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  1. Sally Scott · · Reply

    Wow. That piece got a lot of attention. I see that Lisa recommended it on her blog. You are a passionate writer. Good work.

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