Oops We Did it Again (and we should stop)

 “Better go get that pregnancy test after all that grinding!” – Today Show reporter & comedian Kevin Hart

“I think that was really, really disturbing. That young lady who is 20, is obviously deeply troubled, deeply disturbed, clearly has confidence issues, probably eating disorder and I don’t think anybody should have put her on stage. That was disgusting and embarrassing … That was not attractive. That was not fun. That was not funny. That was really, really bad for anybody who’s younger and impressionable and she’s really messed up … The whole thing was cringe worthy but I feel bad for her. She is a mess. Someone needs to take care of her. Someone needs not to put her on stage and make a complete fool of herself.” — MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski

I like the VMAS. I watch them every year. This year I drove around town trying to find a specific cord so I could watch them on our big screen and subject my roommates to what was indeed an incredible performance from my girl Miss Katy Perry. Earlier in the show, we all watched Miley Cyrus commit the heinously mind-blowing-ly  offensive twerking STD omitting baby making hedonistic moves that surely earned her a spot in hell right next to Britney Spears and her 2000 VMA flesh colored suit.  Yes, I am being sarcastic.

This has all happened before. Over a decade ago Britney Spears was being condemned as a ‘horrific role model for a generation’ for wearing (or not wearing) certain clothes and dancing a certain way. This was before the shaved head umbrella incident. Before she became an addict.  Before she was committed to a psych ward.  This is what we do in our culture. We build you up to tear you down. We are ok with the wide eyed squeeky clean Disney star who scoffs at kissing a boy, but when those young girls grow up we would rather them either maintain their virginal image or please disappear quietly. For example, Justin Timberlake (a fellow mouseketeer) transitioned into his new career without headlines calling for his public hanging. He has done his fair share of ~sexy dancing and even sang a song entitled ‘Dick in a Box’. While I would never try to downplay the legendary status of that song, can we please think for one second what would happen if Britney or Miley sang a song about their lady parts in a box? SLUTS!

What happened last night was hardly earth shattering. I have seen more ‘inappropriate’ dance moves on the Dixies dance floor right here in Portland, Oregon. Hell, even at the bus stop after bar close. The amount of times Miley was called a ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ’embarrassment’, ‘tragic’, ‘hopeless’, ‘lost’, ‘insecure’… I don’t need to go on, you all read the above quote in which a highly educated MSNBC reporter (who was fully aware there was a mic in her face) stated all of the above along with accusing Miley of having an eating disorder, being ‘unattractive’,  and in desperate need of help… Remind of you of the things said to that other blonde haired ex-Disney starlet a decade before? Remember what happened to her?

So far, the public has given zero f’s about the 40+ year old man on the stage who was also a part of the performance. He starred in a music video where naked women Miley’s age paraded around while he sang. I bet you know where this is going but I am going to a real outlaw and say that I liked that performance too! Sexuality is a beautiful thing and those women signed up for the gig knowing fair well what they were doing.  They are ok with it, I am ok with it. Although the Blurred Lines video did receive a fair amount of backlash, it was nothing compared to the rapture that occurred when Miley Cyrus danced to the same song.  Because it’s Miley Cyrus.

I wish the public was this fired up when Chis Brown was invited back and nominated for Grammy Awards less than 3 years after he beat up Rhianna. Or when Rick Ross blatantly rapped about date raping women in a ‘radio friendly’ single. Or even LAST NIGHT when A$ap Rocky was visibly uncomfortable talking about gay rights. Instead, here we are.

We should be able to do whatever we want with our own  bodies. Whether it be on an MTV stage, or taking out the trash. If you want to twerk, god dammit you should be able to twerk without someone accusing you of being a heathen.I dare you to re-watch the Miley performance, keeping in mind the person you were at 20 years old. You may have grown up a tad since then. Growing up is good, but it was also fun to be 20 years old and feel like the world was yours to take. Perhaps rather than damn Miley, we can all relate to her. Something to think about.

“So, in 2013 in America, while we celebrate a young man from Seattle for having the courage make a song out of exploring his thoughts on sexuality as a child, and eventually coming to the conclusion that hate is stupid, Miley doesn’t get such a luxury. Even though all she’s doing is precisely what we’re celebrating everyone else for: being herself.”- Clinton Yates of the Washington Post


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