Sarah + Geoff

I heard a little tune called San Francisco on my way to work this morning. I am always taken back by the Portland skyline on my way to work but lately I’ve had Sarah and Geoff’s wedding in the back of my mind and today I had a moment.

It feels like only yesterday I was sitting in Alexa’s front seat outside the UO dorms being introduced to Sarah. I had no idea back then how lucky I had been, but I realized it soon thereafter. Sarah and Geoff have been a constant in my life since I met them. A constant source of laughter, support, encouragement, and most of all unconditional love. I remember the moment Geoff told me he was going to ask her to marry him (Blitz on 23rd). I remember the moment I got the phone call that he did it (in SF no less!). I remember the moment I was told I would be the one standing up there next to Sarah (Matador one block from Blitz).

I has been 6 years since that day by the dorms, and since that day I have had 6 years worth of fun with these two people who I was lucky enough found me, and even luckier to have found each other. I know I have to save some for my M.O.H. speech, but I wanted to take a moment and let them both know how excited I am to share their day. I most definitely feel the love.



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  1. Sally Scott · · Reply

    Abby, If your MOH speech is anything like this, it will be beautiful. Looking so forward to seeing you and attending the wedding of such a sweet couple.


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