Face on the Milk Carton


Rolling Stone is an American magazine published every two weeks and focused on music, politics, and popular culture.

Fuck you, Rolling Stone.  It may seem ignorant without having turned the page, but the purpose of this rant has nothing to do with the reasons behind Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother’s horrific attack on April 15th, it has to do with the decision to splash his face on a magazine. A magazine that I myself subscribe to. That a portion of my paycheck pays for.

I am aware that this isn’t exactly uncommon, PEOPLE and NATIONAL ENQUIRER publications have been churning out killer covers for decades. Dylan and Eric, Adam Lanza, Ted Bundy, and Charles Manson have all peered from the front page. Although they glorify and exploit, to some extent you get what you paid for. When I subscribed to Rolling Stone, I didn’t sign up for this tabloid bullshit. How ignorant.  

I take particular offense to you, Rolling Stone, because quite simply you should know better. Your cover has long been coveted by us mere mortals. It is an accomplishment, an honor even, achieved by some of the more talented fixtures in pop culture. At first glance he looks like he belongs on the cover. Tsarnaev with his feathered hair and vacant stare looks as ‘rock star’ as last months issue with Johnny Depp. That isn’t an accident. If he wasn’t in prison I would have thought Rolling Stone had a full blown cover shoot and hired a stylist in order for Tsarnaev to achieve the best puppy dog eyes. It’s manufactured.  It will sell issues. It’s sick.

Where have I seen that face before? I felt nauseous as I read the headline, this attempt to convey a ‘Little boy Lost’  before I even decided to turn the page. Whatever the reasons why this kid chose to commit murder that day, his face does not belong on the cover of an entertainment magazine. This is not fucking entertaining. This is wrong.

You gave him what he wanted. You gave kids a face to look at in the grocery check out line and ask “who is that?” You gave Tsarnaev an extended minute of fame. From a loyal reader of a decade, you gave me a reason to quit.


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  1. Sally Scott · · Reply

    I agree with you Abby. I have heard that this murderer actually has a fan base among young women. Sick.

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