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Recently I have received a few emails asking me how I built my Twitter presence & following. Now I am by no means even close to 1,000 followers, BUT  I am gaining a handful of followers a day, with 95% being followers relevant to what I am tweeting about. There is a reason for this, the main principle being the understanding that Twitter is a marathon and not a sprint, but there are a few others tips for cultivating your full Twitter potential (nerds unite).

Userpic: Usperic, Userpic, Userpic! I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Lack of a photo = lack of credibility. Period. You are real life human being tweeting these things, so help put a face to the name and not let others imagine a faceless bot.

Username: I would suggest using your first and last name. Anything other than that seems a bit juvenile and cutesy.

Clean up your Bio: Simplicity is key. Hone in on what you will be tweeting about and list it. Make sure to give your location as that is another area that if searched for will allow you to show up and perhaps land on someones radar. Twitter enables awesome geographical features which allows people to look up what is trending in specific regions. If you don’t list your home base on your bio you are missing out! No: don’t make any mention of followers + following back. It makes it too much of a numbers game and costs you authenticity.

Find your niche: Try to make Twitter less of a random hodgepodge of things you’re smelling or looking at and more about the things you are interested in big picture wise. What do you  tweet about the most? Identify those topics and stick to them! Twitter is a great networking tool but only if you fine tune it. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle if there is no cohesion or general topic to your tweets.

Let there be Tweets! Being active is essential. Twitters bread and butter is relevancy. Each minute that passes since your last tweet makes it less and less interesting to other followers. Tweet at least once a day and make sure that they are pertaining to your identified topics of interest. NO: tweeting 50+ times a day and clogging your followers feeds’ just for the hell of it. Some days you will post more than others, but for the most part I would say sticking to about a dozen a day.

Follow + Followers: I have less than 500 (600+ as of June 1) followers but follow over 1500, the only way that gap will lessen is if you put yourself out there and stay relevant. Don’t be too hard on yourself for building a strong number of followers takes time, patience, and luck. Do your research and seek out followers that pertain to your genre of interest. In time others will too!

Best of luck everyone. Happy to answer any questions.



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