Monthly Archives: July 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

What is it about some films that make you feel as if the price of the ticket was far below the value of what you’re taking away? In today’s economy it is becoming tougher and tougher to find a film that accomplishes this difficult task, but after walking out of the theater to downtown Portland, […]

Slow Train Coming

Gonna have to Serve Somebody: The feel and sound of the record is instantly different than the other Dylan albums. The lyrics are highly metaphorical and the bluesy feel is appealing. The second chorus is the first time the woman singing background vocals are heard, providing a sharp contrast to Dylan’s voice. His voice sounds […]

Oh Mercy

We live in a Political World: The song that starts the album off is catchy and fast paced. The song is lyrically strong, but not in the same way that Masters of War is. The pop feel to the background music and the change in Dylan’s voice creates a more low key affect that the […]

Chronicles, Bob Dylan

Chronicles chapters 1 & 2 “There was a fire between him (Billy the Butcher) and everybody else”  – Dylanesque “Nelson had never been a bold innovator like the early signers who sang like they wee navigating burning ships” “The madly complicated modern world was something I took little interest in” In chapter one, the reader […]