Monthly Archives: June 2012

“You’re Adopted?!”

For most people, their birth story consists of their mother getting pregnant, giving birth to them and the rest is history. For me, it’s a bit different. I was born on December 2, 1987 and both of my parents (Steve and Sally) were in the hospital room, but they were observers, not participants. A woman […]

Nowhere Man

John Lennon’s final interview took place over the first few days in December. Lennon spent nine hours with Rolling Stone writer Jonathan Cott discussing his past, his present, and future. Ultimately, Lennon lived just three days after the interview wrapped and would never get to live out the dreams he shared with Cott. In December […]

There is something about Bob Dylan

Yesterday is gone but the past lives on. The essence of what exactly makes a Dylan song so different from the others is one that cannot be neatly explained. The off-key instrumental note, reckless recording, and scratchy voice that wails out from the speakers is often imitated, but never duplicated. How Bob manages to create […]

Guthrie + Dylan

Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan’s names have been paired together for decades, and each year there is speculation over where Guthrie ends and Bob Dylan begins.  There are countless opinions, “first hand” accounts, interpretations, and even educated guesses, as to just how much of an influence the folk legend had on Dylan. Indeed there are […]

Modern Times

Thunder on the Mountain: The song that begins the album, the pace is quick and the sound has undoubtedly blues undertones. The background instruments blend together nicely and the electric guitar stands out. Bob’s voice, at over 60 years old, sounds much different than the previous albums. It is weathered and grainier, but still undeniably […]

Idiot Wind

Idiot Wind was never a simple song. For starters, it was a part of the infamous Blood on the Tracks recordings, while on top of that, it’s noted as being the song that went through the most changes (Heylin). The first recording of the song took place in New York at Columbia Records on September […]