Might I distract you from impending panic with another form of the sort. Dating in the age of apps has seemingly obliterated any sense of normal. It can feel like another planet at times. Summing myself up in five sentences or less? Knowing I’m passionate about ice cream and a certain chain of gas stations […]

Yesterday at the final day of a team event for Twitter, I was able to volunteer at Yes Prep – Gulfton. YES Prep is an open-enrollment public charter school system serving students in grades six through twelve in Houston’s most underserved communities. Their principal, Oscar Romano welcomed all 50 or so of the Twitter employees […]

Halloween has always been fascinating to me. When I was 8 my Dad took me to see the Nightmare Before Christmas and he still remembers how flushed I was when we left. He knew at this point that when I really loved a movie I’d look like I had a fever coming out of the […]

This will be most personal thing I’ve ever wrote. Appropriate seeing that aged 31 is the most me I’ve ever felt.

I enter the maze every day around this time Brake lights illuminating then disappearing Same bend in the curve But today something feels different The pace is slower They’re stopping to see you You. The white mass at the edge of the divide Your coat is matted and wet with the afternoon’s rain Likely the […]

Old photographs have always turned a page in my head. I can remember as a child staring at the colorless faces atop my Grandmother’s dresser. Asking who they were. Marvelling at their faces being forever frozen in time. As I grew older I remember looking at some of the faces in my history book with […]

Unfortunately I am one of the 1,000 or so people who were duped into your now infamous ‘workshop’. I was so excited to purchase my $167 ticket that I made my little sister sit and wait in the car with me before we went in to buy holiday decorations just to be sure I could […]